The Fitzherbert family is an English family. The members of the family mainly reside in Aberowen and their main profit is the royalty they receive from the Aberowen coal mines. The family consists of-

Edward Fitzherbert Edit

Edward Fitzherbert fondly called Fitz is the head of the Fitzherbert family. He is a member of the Conservative party and is also a member of the House of Lords. Earlier on the series he wished to become the Foreign Secretary. He has two sons from his wife Bea and a bastard son with Ethel.

Bea Fitzherbert Edit

Bea is the wife of Fitz. She is a Russian princess.

George Fitzherbert Edit

George is the son of Fitz and Bea. He was married to Daisy Pehskov but they separated due to his infidelity. He died fighting in World War 2.

Andrew Fitzherbert Edit

Andrew is the younger son of Fitz and Bea. He is more calm and composed then his older brother. He becomes the heir to the Fitzherbert family fortune family upon the death of his older brother.

May Fitzherbert Edit

May is the wife of Andrew and the younger sister of Colonel Murray.

Status after Edge of Eternity Edit

The Fitzherbert family is the only major families in the books who do not have a point of view character in the last book of the series. Fitz is the only character of the family who makes an appearance. It is presumed that upon Fitz's death, his son, Andrew inherits the family property.