Lloyd Williams (c.1915, London - ?)

Lloyd Williams
Some attributes
First Bith date and place: c.1915, London

Death: Unknown

Second Family:

Lord Edward "Fitz" Fitzherbert, Earl Fitzherbert - father

Ethel Williams-Leckwith - mother

Bernard Leckwith - stepfather, adoptive father

Mildred Leckwith - maternal half-sister

David Williams - maternal grandfather

Cara Williams - maternal grandmother

William "Billy" Williams - maternal uncle

Lady Maud Von Ülrich - paternal aunt

Erik von Ülrich - paternal cousin

Carla von Ülrich-Franck - paternal cousin

Third Spouse: Daisy Peshkov Fitzherbert Williams, Dowager Viscountess of Aberowen
Other attributes

is one of the main characters of Winter of the World

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